5 Reasons to Invest in Orillia

There’s more to Southern Ontario than Toronto. While many still attempt to make their way in the bustling capital city, there’s a large percentage of people who are looking for something else. They’re searching for somewhere quiet but with a vibrant pulse. They want a city that has all the modern amenities of a large population centre but without the overflowing population. Orillia offers a place for young people to lay down roots. It’s a place where retirees and empty- nesters can enjoy some much-deserved peace. It’s definitely the place for you.

You should invest in Orillia. Here’s why:

  1. The GTA isn’t what it used to be: The Greater Toronto Area is quickly creeping further and further away from what is once was. Because the GTA is becoming overpopulated and less affordable, cities like Orillia are coming into their own. The Greater Toronto Area was, at a time, considered the place to purchase affordable, modern property (condos, loft spaces, townhouses) but now it’s the areas outside of the GTA that provide updated home styles at prices that make sense.
  2. Recreation and green spaces for days:
    Toronto, Brampton, Scarborough, Barrie – they all have parks and lakes but do they have 444.35 acres of it? Orillia is home to an impressive display of green. From the 29 kilometres of trails to the outdoor tennis courts (10 to be exact) and the seven outdoor skating rinks, you’ll have no trouble getting outside. One of the main issues people have with the GTA is that the parks are always crowded, loud and no one seems to pick up after their dogs. In Orillia, you’ll be amongst friends as you stroll through one of the eight neighbourhood parks or six community parks. Everyone is polite and yes, they pick up after their dogs.
  3. Investing in quality tenants pays off: Orillia is home to Lakehead University, Georgian College and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Training Academy, Provincial Headquarters and Regional Headquarters. By investing in Orillia, you can enjoy a stream of professionals who require temporary lodging (rentals) as they pass through the city for professorships or to give training seminars. Furthermore, doctors and nurses are also looking for housing to sustain them through their rotations letting you take advantage of a short-term renter market. In fact, according to a national survey conducted by the Real Estate Investment Network, Orillia has been ranked among the top 10 communities in Ontario and the country as a place to buy a commercial or income property. By investing in an Orillia rental property, you can take advantage of quality tenants who are looking for better lodging at higher price points.
  4. Arts and culture en masse:
    Orillia is known to foster talent. Just ask legendary folk singer and Canadian icon, Gordon Lightfoot who was born there. Moreover, humorist Stephen Leacock, Group of Seven painter Franklin Carmichael, and sculptor Elizabeth Wyn Wood were also born in the city. Writers, visual artists and musicians know that they are welcome in Orillia and for those who are looking to enjoy some culture on their own, there’s the Orillia Opera House, the Orillia Museum of Art and History and enough festivals to keep you up to your ears in jazz, blues, rock and folk. The most well-known Orillia resident is acclaimed contemporary artist Charles Patcher. This Order of Ontario and Order of Canada recipient maintains a studio and private home in the city where you can find him creating masterful paintings, sculptures, designs and prints that deal with the intricacies of Canadian life.
  5. Country meets city: Although most lakefront communities bill themselves as “the gateway to cottage county”, Orillia actually is cottage country. However, there’s a catch: It’s cottage country with a modern twist. Orillia is where country meets city. Many people are looking for that balance where they can enjoy clean air, open spaces, spectacular lake views with great shopping, fine dining and other modern touches (yes, there’s a Costco opening in the summer of 2017).

If you’re looking to live somewhere quiet yet modern, Orillia is your next home. Whether you’re in the market for an income property or ready to move on to the next chapter in your life, investing in this city just makes sense.

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